ArborGen, a company specializing in applying the science of genetics and biotechnology to forestry, has teamed up with Teachers' Supply Closet and donated science and technology supplies.

The supply closet, a nonprofit organization, provides free school supplies to teachers in the tri-county area.

These items include basic supplies, art and craft items, books, teacher aids, and now, new- and gently used scientific supplies.

"Lab and science supplies are not the thing we usually receive," said Deborah Halon, chief operation officer of Teachers' Supply Closet.

"Our goal is to help provide every child in the area who has a need for basic school supplies he or she requires to succeed in school, such as paper and pencils," Halon said.

"However, another important part of our mission is to try to get the materials that teachers can use in their classrooms."

The Teachers' Supply Closet now serves 35 schools at the 88 percent poverty index (based on free- and reduced-lunch program statistics) from Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties.

The goal is to expand this program to include schools at the 70 percent poverty index, which would increase services provided to approximately 1,200 teachers and 24,000 students.

"As our scientists were cleaning out storage facilities and readying labs to move into our new corporate headquarters, they realized that we had hundreds of supplies that would be useful to science teachers," said Nancy M. Hood, director of public affairs and sustainability of ArborGen.