A 20-year-old Charleston man was arrested this week on charges of stealing two military-style rifles from another man, who also was arrested for shooting at the thief.

In the October incident, Mark Lee Frasier of Doscher Avenue faces counts of armed robbery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime. Officers from the Charleston Police Department also said he had 8 grams of marijuana and 0.5 grams of cocaine when they arrested him Wednesday.

The alleged victim in the case, 27-year-old Matthew Thomas Roseberry of Victoria Avenue in North Charleston, was arrested Thursday on a count of discharging a firearm.

About 8:30 a.m. Oct. 25, officers responded to reports of shots fired outside the Freddie Whaley Sr. Community Center at 1810 Doscher Ave. They found seven spent .45-caliber cartridges in the parking lot.

Roseberry later told the police that he showed up to sell a rifle to someone he knew only as Mark. But when they met for the transaction, Roseberry said Mark had arrived with two men. The trio then stole two rifles from Roseberry: a .223-caliber Colt AR-15 and 7.62×39 mm Romarm WASR-10.

The Romarm, which was valued at $50, was later found discarded on Doscher Street. The $2,000 Colt wasn’t immediately recovered.

Roseberry pulled out a handgun and fired the seven shots as the robbers ran, police spokesman Charles Francis said. A nearby house was struck, but no one was hit. The bullet punctured the home’s window, then traveled through a lamp shade and lodged in a post inside the house. The 76-year-old woman inside wasn’t injured.

Witnesses said they saw a white car leaving the scene. It was being followed by a tan pickup, which was driven by Roseberry, according to police reports.

A police statement released Thursday said investigators still were trying to confirm the identity of the two other suspects. The police tracked down Frasier through cellphone records, according to the report.

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