Health insurer Cigna and Roper St. Francis Physician Partners failed to negotiate a new contract by a Tuesday deadline.

"Despite our best efforts to continue negotiations so that Roper St. Francis physicians could remain in the Cigna network, we have not reached an agreement," Cigna said in a statement.

Roper St. Francis Healthcare previously said that about 200 physicians and about 6,500 patients could be affected. Roper refused to comment about the matter.

Beginning today, claims for services provided by Roper St. Francis physicians will be processed "according to an individual's out-of-network benefits, if any," Cigna said.

The insurer said it was "working to minimize disruption" by offering "continuity of care benefits" to patients with certain medical conditions.

"They can continue that treatment until arrangements for a safe transfer of care to another doctor can be made," Cigna said.

Roper St. Francis Physician Partners patients covered by Cigna should contact the Cigna customer service phone number on their ID cards or Roper St. Francis at 789-1620 with any questions.