MONCKS CORNER -- Willie Powell, who has been painting houses for free while trying to inspire youths to give back to the community, is getting some unexpected reinforcements.

A group of lawyers has stepped forward.

Powell said he hopes they know how to handle a paint brush.

Several partners with The Steinberg Law Firm will bring their children to help Powell paint a house Saturday morning, attorney Steven Goldberg of Mount Pleasant said. He said he called Powell offering to help after reading a recent Post and Courier article.

"He's really been an inspiration," said Goldberg, a partner in the firm, which has offices in Charleston, Summerville and Goose Creek. "Willie has always been out there."

Powell was in the news two years ago when he helped start several community parks and basketball courts. He also leads a group of young people who pick up trash in the Wall Street community.

"I want to stick to what Willie is trying to accomplish (inspiring youth)," Goldberg said. "I'm going to get my son and the sons of a couple of partners out there as well."

Goldberg said he also will publicize Powell's work in the firm's newsletter that goes to prior clients.

"We will include something in there so we can spread the word," Goldberg said.

Powell said he was thrilled when Goldberg called him. They will paint a house on Bonnoitt Street early Saturday morning, he said. It will be the ninth house he's painted since starting his project, which he calls "Take One To Help One."

He gets paint for $5 a gallon and rounds up volunteers to paint houses for people who can't do it themselves or hire somebody. He asks homeowners for some money to cover the paint if they can afford it. He said his main goal is getting young people involved in helping him, to show them how they can give back to the community.

"This is going better than I expected," said Powell, 58, a painter knocked out of full-time work by a job injury.

"If these guys can come out of their shell and come and do this, and they're not even from this area, that's going to make the rest of these folks say we've got to step it up and do something, too."