Report on prisoners using Facebook prompts lawmaker to act

The Facebook page of Courtney Woode, who is serving a 40-sentence for kidnapping.

SUMMERVILLE -- The biggest change in redrawing the town's voting districts might not be where. It might be when.

Summerville Town Council is scheduled to hold a preliminary vote tonight on changing the lines of its six Town Council voting districts to reflect growth in the 2010 census. The meeting is at 7:30 p.m. in council chambers at Town Hall.

The new lines would not be dramatically different. But the council also plans to discuss moving the town's traditional May election to the standard state and federal election date -- the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

In 2010 council decided to keep the May date for 2011, but consider moving it for the 2013 election. If council does approve, the change would be sent to the U.S. Justice Department for approval, along with the new voter district map.

County and state elections officials have sought the voting-day change to save costs and staff time.

About half the local governments in the state hold elections on a different date than the standard November date, a generations-old custom that has been criticized as a deliberate move to keep voter turnout down.

Low counts traditionally have been thought to favor the incumbent.