They had it all Saturday on Folly Beach: good waves, good music, good vibrations.

The Beach Boys don't have anything on these girls.

There were about 65 surfers riding the Washout waves in this weekend's Folly Beach Wahine Classic, a women's surfing contest. They came from Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Georgia and James Island. Some of them were first-timers, some of them old veterans.

It was some kind of surfin' safari. Folks watched from their beach towels or tents, the smell of Frogmore stew wafting on the ocean breeze, the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" blasting from the stereo.

Marty Mentzer, a physical education teacher from Ocean Isle Beach, N.C., has been at every Wahine Classic, and she wouldn't miss it for the world.

"It's kind of nice to have an all-ladies time," Mentzer said.

And she wasn't doing too bad in the competition either, winning her first heat, an automatic ticket to the finals.

"They're holding up, nice little glass waves," she said. "You can catch just about anything on a long board."

Hale Horstman, co-director of the contest, summed up the day this way: "Super girl power."

"Everybody is just very supportive of one another," Horstman said. "They'll be out there and say 'You go first.' They are here to have a good time."

That is largely what this event is about. You don't collect points to qualify for other regional events, and you can't expect any big purse for winning. It's all about the fun.

But make no mistake, there is much skill on display. Many of the surfers were switching from long board to short between heats, competing in multiple divisions, making the most of the mid-sized breakers.

A surfing contest takes a little patience because you are literally at the mercy of the waves. A heat begins and you have a 10 minutes or so to ride while the judges, and all the boys of summer, watch from the beach.

But it seemed nothing could dampen the spirits of these surfers. Sara Wright, 13, was competing in her first Wahine and called it "awesome."

Normally, she has to surf with her cousin and a bunch of other boys. Saturday's competition was much more enjoyable, she said.

"There are other girls here," Wright said.

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