SEATTLE -- Boeing on Friday abruptly suspended delivery plans for its first 747-8 freighter to launch customer Cargolux, saying only that "unresolved issues" are preventing an event for which it had planned considerable hoopla.

The plane, Boeing's largest ever, is more than two years late. Boeing planned to deliver one Monday, then hold a ceremony Tuesday. A second jumbo freighter to Cargolux was planned for Wednesday.

"We're continuing to work with Cargolux and look forward to delivering these airplanes," spokesman Jim Proulx said. He declined to detail the reasons behind the hang-up. "We can't discuss the contents of our discussions with our customers."

Boeing has orders for 78 of these jumbo freighter jets.

Separately, Air France KLM announced an order of 110 long-haul aircraft split between Boeing 787 Dreamliners and Airbus A350s. Of the 50 firm orders, half are Dreamliners, according to reports.

The Air France KLM deal came as Air India is reportedly contemplating deferral or reduction of its order for 27 Dreamliners.

Boeing assembles the 787s in North Charleston and in the Seattle area.

Trader who lost $2B of UBS' money is charged

LONDON -- The young trader who rocked Swiss banking titan UBS by allegedly gambling away $2 billion was charged Friday with fraud and false accounting dating back to 2008, as his bank came under a storm of criticism for failing to catch the massive loss.

Kweku Adoboli did not enter a plea during a court hearing. He will be held until another appearance Thursday.

The 31-year-old Adoboli stared at the ceiling as the proceeding got under way. Smiling occasionally, he spoke only to confirm his name, birth date and address.

Some commentators and politicians called for senior managers at UBS to take responsibility for the loss, which the bank said could put its third- quarter results in the red.

Seven AGs join effort to block sale of T-Mobile

NEW YORK -- Seven state attorneys general have joined the Justice Department's lawsuit to block the merger of AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile USA Inc.

The department announced that state attorneys general from New York, Washington, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Ohio and Pennsylvania have joined Justice's antitrust lawsuit against AT&T, T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom AG, the owner of T-Mobile.

In a statement Friday, the Justice Department said the attorneys general have assisted throughout the investigation.

AT&T ready to promote speedier data network

WASHINGTON -- Unbeknownst to most customers, AT&T Inc. has fired up a new wireless data network in five cities in the last few months, offering roughly double the speeds of its older network for a handful of devices.

On Sunday, the phone company will start marketing the network in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. It won't be selling a new data plan -- use of the new "4G LTE" network will be a perk thrown in with existing plans, AT&T executive Kris Rinne said Friday.

Rinne said the network will provide download speeds of 5 megabits to 12 megabits per second. That's enough to download a DVD-quality two-hour movie in 15 minutes. It's in line with the speeds on Verizon's LTE network, which launched late last year with separate data plans. AT&T's older "4G" network provides top download speeds around 6 megabits per second.