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One of the more common conditions for which I (Perry Jameson) see pets is diarrhea, specifically chronic diarrhea that has not responded to any therapy. Before a patient sees me, they have already been to the family doctor and had preliminary testing as well as several attempts at therapy without success. What this also means is that the diarrhea has usually been going on for several months so everyone is ready for it to stop.

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If you read my (Perry Jameson) column last week about my cat Ollie’s inappropriate urination, you will recall that stress can be a factor in this behavior. On the surface, a cat’s life is pret…

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With four growing children in our (Jameson) home, someone is constantly eating. The recent discussions of the environmental dangers of plastic bags have made me feel somewhat guilty. So much o…

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Over the past month, I (Perry Jameson) have had three dogs come to the clinic with the same problem. They all lived on the Isle of Palms. They were young dogs, from 6 months to 2 years of age,…

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On a recent Saturday morning I (Perry Jameson) could hear my dog, Flipper, whimpering at the dog door. I knew the door was open so I was not happy to be awoken before dawn on a cold morning to…

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Over the holidays, we always visit my (Perry Jameson's) sister at her farm in Virginia. It seems crazy, but the six of us stay with her family of four, plus two dogs, in their three-bedroom, o…

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Part of the reason I (Perry Jameson) chose to become a veterinary internal medicine specialist was that each patient is a mystery. Most of my patients are sent to me to figure out why they are…

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Jen and Denise are two of our dearest friends and favorite people on earth. And although they live on a farm in New Jersey, when their dog needed surgery, they called me (Henri Bianucci).

Cats and kittens are becoming more popular in the U.S. According to a recent survey, pet cats now outnumber pet dogs in the U.S. Accordingly, many veterinarians are seeing an increase in their…

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