Dumb. As I wrestle with how to most clearly express my opinion on the decision to cancel next year’s S.C. Republican presidential primary, one word comes to mind: “Dumb.”

It’s no secret that our little corner of the world is more diverse than it used to be. Thousands of transplants from other states and countries have chosen to call the lowcountry home.

As teachers set up their classrooms for a positive new academic year, they carefully post the “Rules” for classroom behavior. But research suggests that it is parents who actually have the gre…

I am ashamed of what is happening in our country. The rash of violence against police has got to stop. It is a disease that continues to plague all communities and threatens public safety.

The old saying, “You can pick your friends but not your kin,” is gospel. (I don’t know about “blood is thicker than water”; does anyone really understand that?)

As Lowcountry residents, we’re all here for a reason, and most of us have done our best to make this our home. In fact it’s been that way for hundreds of years.

When I die, I won’t leave any deep, dark secrets, like I had an affair or keep frozen cats in the fridge. Nope, conscience is clear. Bury me, burn me, give me to medical science, whatever.

If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

The Lowcountry is growing by the day. Industrial, commercial and residential sites popping up in full force; whether its retirees, recent college grads or manufacturing workforce members and t…

ANDERSON, Benjamin Earl, 68, of Goose Creek, widower of Claudia Ann Stearns Anderson, died May 23. Arrangements by Stuhr’s Northwoods Chapel of North Charleston.

Among the arguments offered by opponents of South Carolina’s recently-enacted gas tax hike was that the state’s highway maintenance spending had historically been inefficient and poorly priori…

It’s time to look at weird news again. You can’t make this stuff up; it may not be hilarious, necessarily, but it proves my pet theory: People are crazy.

Last fiscal year, the S.C. Department of Transportation estimated it filled more than 37,000 potholes in small, rural Kershaw County – the biggest number among the state’s 46 counties.

Below is the speech I gave before the South Carolina House of Representatives Wednesday, April 3, 2019 as part of the debate on House Bill H4287, a bill that sets forth next steps to evaluate …


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