Soldier loses mother unexpectedly needs help covering funeral costs.

Soldier loses mother unexpectedly needs help covering funeral costs.

Nancy Wilson

Matthew Wilson, a 91B- light wheeled vehicle mechanic in the army just lost his mom, Nancy Reese Wilson on Sunday morning 1/12/2020 and are having financial troubles burying her.

Unfortunately, the cause of death is unknown due to the coroner refusing to do an autopsy on the body but it is believed she past away from stage four lymphoma but that has yet to be determined. Nancy left behind her son Matthew Wilson, and daughter Melissa Freeman.

“My mother was such a wonderful and loving person. She would do anything for anyone and wanted nothing in return, that’s just the kind of person she was. She has been there for me through my tour overseas and if I ever needed anything or had any question I could count on her. Losing her has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do and along with not having the funds needed to have her service is the worst. We have nowhere to go from here as far as paying for the funeral and her burial.” Matthew said.

Nancy’s life insurance policy will not pay for anything due to the policy not being open for two year, that unfortunately means her children now have no way to bury her or have a service for her.

“She was my best friend in the whole world and I honestly don’t know how to go through life without her.” Melissa said.

Nancy loved drawing, animals, riding horses and spending time with her family. She had two grandchildren who loved her dearly as well as two dogs and a kitty.

She spent her time loving on her babies and giving to the ones she loved most. She was a community member in Summerville and lived here for 19 years.

The last hope for giving Nancy the memorial she so deeply deserves her children have created a gofundme to try and get the funds to bury her which is at minimum about $9,000.

The family wants to give her the burial she deserves laying next to her mother in Augusta Georgia and are asking those to donate.

Here is the link to the Go Fund me