BCSD approves "memorandum of understanding" with Carnes Crossroads

School board narrows attendance line options, plans first vote at Thursday's meeting

The Berkeley County Board of Education has given its administration the authority to negotiate with developers.

The BCSD school board has approved a memorandum of understanding between the school district and the Carnes Crossroads.

The memorandum will give the district administration the authority to work with the developer to implement impact fees to help the district control the growth in the area.

The district is planning on building a school for K-8th grade students in the Carnes Crossroads development however, an exact location is currently not decided.

Superintendent Eddie Ingram said that the K-8 school concept works well and will also help to stop overcrowding at Cane Bay Elementary and Cane Bay Middle School.

“We know from experience that K-8 schools work well and the beauty of implementing that model here is that it will alleviate overcrowding at both Cane Bay Elementary and Cane Bay Middle simultaneously,” Dr. Ingram said in a press release.

The school district has worked with the DI Development Company in the past on other projects.

“Our team has collaborated with the Berkeley County School District to help develop three public schools in two planned communities in Charleston,” said DI Development Company President Matt Sloan in a press release.

“Schools are among the foundational building blocks of a strong community, and we could not be more excited to work with district leaders again to bring quality public education to Carnes Crossroads,” according to the statement.

The move to secure funding for a new school has come after the district put a cap on enrollment at Cane Bay Elementary and Middle as well as a school choice option for families in that area.