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House Spin Day goes forward at Marrington

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On Jan. 9, Marrington Elementary School’s House System rolled out with an enthusiastic party-like atmosphere, complete with music, cheering and bracelets to designate each students’ “House!”

On Oct. 31, the official “House Spin Day” for the current school year looked a little different, and not just because it occurred on Halloween. Social Distancing for all was the name of the game.

Students from grades 1-5 came to the cafeteria at a designated time.

Those who had not “spun” during the previous school year lined up on social distancing spots that were placed around the perimeter of the cafeteria and waited to be called to the stage to spin the wheel.

Each student was given a rubber glove to put on before they took their turn.

Students that had joined their “house” during the previous school year sat at assigned House Tables complete with socially distant spots and cheered on their new teammates.

Masks were worn by all. Blended students who are currently learning from home, were also included. Their teacher spun as their proxy.

At the appointed time, the spinning began. The color that each new student landed on determined what house they will be in for the remainder of their time at Marrington.

The Houses of Marrington included, Courage, Resiliency, Loyalty, Integrity and Compassion. Each house has their own unique color, symbol and cheer.

The house system is an idea adopted from Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta to give students the opportunity to connect with students across classes and grades that they may not normally have a chance to interact with. This helps students gain more friendships and create a family-like culture at school.

Marrington Elementary is a Berkeley County Public School located on Joint Base Charleston. The majority of the students that attend are from Military Families and spend their childhood moving from one base to another around the world! Having the house system fosters a sense of “home” and belonging, which are particularly important in the life a Military Child. At the end of the day, no matter what path students may travel, they will always have a “house” at Marrington.