Sheriff: 'Live PD' shows deputies in action

Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office going Live

It was announced on Tuesday that the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office will be joining the show ‘LIVE PD’. Beginning Nov. 15, deputies will be going live on calls during unfiltered productions that air on A&E.

It wasn’t long after the announcement was made that posts on social media began to spill out showing a mix of both pride and disdain. Some were happy the department is getting to showcase its work while others said the world doesn’t need to see Berkeley County’s underbelly.

In a follow-up call after the announcement was made on Nov. 12, Sheriff Duane Lewis said it’s not an attempt to make the area look bad.

“We are certainly not looking to showcase the crime but that is our business, it’s going after criminals and that’s what we are doing,” Lewis said.

Lewis said Berkeley County is just like any other community around the country where crime will happen. The show is about offering insight into how his deputies work at keeping the peace.

“This will actually give those in the county that doesn’t know about what’s going on in their neighborhoods — now they will get to see it for themselves,” he said. “We are not hiding that or trying to run from that, it is what it is, it’s a part of life.”

Lewis said the show contacted his office about a year ago to see if he was interested. After some thought and some input he decided to pull back the curtains and let in the cameras.

“We are not changing our policies or anything we do because they are here; they are going to be patrolling and answering calls live just like we do every day and every night for the citizens of Berkeley County,” said Lewis.

The sheriff also said it was a big morale boost for the agency and his deputies are looking forward to the opportunity. Lewis said the show will be on calls with three to four different deputies.

“They are proud of what they do, they are proud of their dedication and the hard work and the dangers that they face every day and every night,” he said. “We are giving the citizens of Berkeley County a chance to see what they do.”

The show, that is produced so commentators can, bounce in and out of live responses will air at 9 p.m. Friday Nov. 15 and Saturday Nov. 16. The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office will be a part of the show for the next four weeks.