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The Moncks Corner Lions Club football jamboree Aug. 12 was the final dress rehearsal of the preseason for local football teams. (Photos by Rob Gantt)

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office recently introduced its newest addition to the K9 Unit — a 2-year-old Sable German Shepard named Odin. The talented canine is trained in narcotics, article…

Local fans of the Chipotle fast-food chain were relieved to hear that the nearest Goose Creek location, at 220 St. James Way, has recently reopened, according to Mayor Gregory Habib, after bei…

As most of you know, I wear two hearing aids. For 23 years now. That’s right, when I was 12, I woke up stone deaf. Heh-heh. Actually, I was 38.

It’s time for another installment of “Places You Should Visit While You Can Still Bend Down to Tie Your Shoes without Making Involuntary Bodily Noises”!

Last week, while talking to a young whippersnapper about live music, I described myself as middle-aged.

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