While COVID-19 robbed the Class of 2020 of many of their memorable moments in the spring, more than 400 seniors from Goose Creek High School crossed the stage on the morning of June 20, earnin…

Hanahan High School’s 60th graduating class sauntered off the turf at Wiley Knight Stadium one last time and gathered in the parking lot for a final farewell to many of their classmates on June 17.

Every teenager dreams of getting a new car on their sixteenth birthday and driving away to new places and adventures. Its a dream that even Dennis Barfield remembers having, but he knew that h…

The Tea Ladies of the St James Goose Creek Parish held their Twelfth Annual Tea at the Creek on March 14. Ladies dressed in their finest for this elegant event with beautifully decorated table…



How do you feel about wearing a mask in public?

Most local municipalities have passed ordinances requiring masks to be worn in all retail stores and most places open to the public. THE FULL STORY: https://bit.ly/3eS0pQm.

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