What ever happened to common sense? Seriously? Justice must be tempered with it or else it lacks humanity. Every day there’s another story in the paper exemplifying the extreme results of adhering strictly to political correctness.

A 6-year-old points his pencil at a classmate and says ”bang” and he’s expelled for two days. Another bites his food into the shape of a weapon; he’s also sent home. A high school athlete points to the sky after winning a relay race and his entire team is disqualified. A football team has an undefeated record but has it erased because of a simple error.

At home we have a student who tweeted a word that is now part of everyday jargon, thanks to rappers, and she is denied her graduation ceremony. The common denominator? Zero tolerance — no one in authority willing to evaluate the situation from a human perspective.

These are only a few examples and not even the most extreme. I believe that the majority of people don’t like what’s going on in the schools today; this bizarre homage to PC. It would be nice if just once our school boards would unanimously stand up to these principals and administrators who don’t have the courage to do what’s right.

If my child could be permanently scarred by a comment or an email then I, as a parent, haven’t done my job. Adversity and challenge are part of everyone’s everyday life, and it is a parent’s responsibility to see to it that his child is strong enough not only to survive but to prosper as well.

In the real world parents won’t be there to hold their child’s hand and tell them everything will be fine. I find it ironic that the school system teaches that bullies will not be tolerated and yet consistently caves to bullies in the form of disgruntled parents.

Once upon a time, building character was part of the school curriculum. Couldn’t it be so once again? Is the difference between right and wrong different today than it was in the past? I don’t think so. Throw out PC and bring back common sense. The kids deserve it.

Tim Bolchoz

Powell Road

North Charleston