When heat is on, don't take it off

While some believe that barefoot running helps strengthen feet, there is little evidence to suggest that running naked has any health benefits. (David Quick/File)

The soaring temperatures and breath-sapping humidity of another South Carolina summer fully justify wearing clothing designed to help you withstand the sweltering weather.

It does not, however, justify going without clothing in public.

But according to two stunned witnesses, that traditional rule of civilized society didn't stop an unidentified man from baring all last Friday afternoon in Rock Hill.

From the Rock Hill Herald: "A 34-year-old man was riding his bicycle down a trail near Lakeshore Parkway when he saw a heavy-set man running on the trail naked. The man turned to run into the wood-line when the cyclist called out to him, according to a police report."

And: "The witness told his girlfriend, who was walking on the trail behind him, to look out for the man. When she saw the suspect, he had put on a white T-shirt, black shorts and white shoes, the report states. The woman tried to pursue but lost him on Dave Lyle Boulevard and Quantz Street."

Judge for yourself the intensity of that woman's pursuit.

Try not to dwell on the aesthetic implications of that "heavy-set" description.

And by all means, regardless of your body-fat index, if you go outside to run or do anything else, wear something.