It's unnerving enough when somebody robs your house. But that crime usually removes items from a house - not the entire house.

So ponder the enormity of loss felt by Casey Friday and his wife when the San Antonio couple recently learned that a house they had nearly finished building had vanished. Mr. Friday wrote in his blog of the profound shock over the theft: "My entire body was shaking."

Sure, it was only a 228-square-foot "tiny house" on wheels in the suburban Houston community of Spring Branch - more evidence of the "tiny house" movement toward simpler, less costly lifestyles.

Still, according to a story published last Friday, Mr. Friday "referred to whoever stole his tiny house as a word that cannot be published by the San Antonio Express News and said the trauma of someone stealing his home has discouraged him from pursuing future tiny house constructions."

Fortunately, though, the Express News further reported Saturday that an anonymous tip had led the Bexar County Sheriff's Office to finding the missing house on the South Side of San Antonio.

No, a tiny house heist might not sound like a big deal. Yet Mr. Friday, in his blog, wrote that he and his wife put immense effort - and significant expense - into buying a lot for and building that house.

Among the motives he cited: "I know that global warming is destroying the planet, and it's very likely that we'll see some devastating effects of it within our lifetime. I was excited to use rain-water catchment, very little electricity, and compost our waste. None of that can happen now."

Or can it? Mr. Friday posted this upbeat update on Saturday: "At this point, my plan is to continue building the house until it's completely finished."

But he also wrote that they might sell or rent the house instead of living in it.

And he recommended effective protection of property, admitting: "I'll be completely honest - I didn't even know that a hitch lock was a 'thing' before our house was stolen."

So don't underestimate the importance of home security - regardless of your domicile's size.