It is truly shameful that our country has failed to care for the people we gladly put in harm's way.

It's not just neglect at VA hospitals, but failure to assist veterans to get back on their feet with jobs and assistance with psychological problems many suffer from.

Pious legislators who contribute to the problem by cutting costs for these essential programs are quick to look for heads to roll. While they are looking, they need go no further than the Republican governors who refused to expand Medicaid.

Many more deaths will result than those of neglected veterans, but the poor don't have the clout to get the media's attention. At least the VA doesn't use ideology as its excuse for neglect of the sick as the Republican governors do.

Michael Griffith

Wappoo Creek Drive


With Memorial Day approaching I would ask all readers to join me in remembering those 40-plus veterans who died waiting for the VA to approve their treatment.

This is an absolute disgrace, along with the cuts in our defense and the growing numbers of homeless veterans in the United States who have done so much to help others.

Where have our pride and respect gone for those who have served?

Every red-blooded American should demand that President Obama remove the current secretary for Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, from his Cabinet. To do less is an insult to all who have served.

Carol M. Onorato

Bream Road

North Charleston