I’ve read some interesting letters to the editor regarding traffic to and from Johns Island and the completion of I-526. Two letters published in February lit a flame, and the other added fuel to the fire.

I can no longer remain silent; I shall fan the flames. We have lots of time to ponder the mess as we are parked in a steady stream of crawling traffic every day.

I reside on Johns Island. The only three roads to and from our island are one lane in each direction. Three lanes in each direction to accommodate all the traffic. That is until two roads merge into one (River and Main roads). Yet they keep on building — housing that is. Seems there isn’t a day that passes that I don’t notice either a new single-family housing development or a multi-apartment complex going in on Maybank Highway.

Housing, housing everywhere with no action to alleviate the traffic by building additional roads. I anticipate that one day in the very near future, traffic will be lined up onto Folly Road. And as for Highway 17 to Main Road, that problem already exists.

As for funding: In my lifetime, I have resided in five different states. South Carolina is the only state where it is necessary to pay property tax on my vehicle. Please, can anyone tell me what that money is applied to? Could it not, should it not, go towards infrastructure improvements? Say the completion of I-526?

And while we’re on the subject of money, I have carried car insurance with the same company for over 40 years. Since I put it into effect in South Carolina in autumn, 2010, my insurance rates have increased by $284 per year. I’ve shopped the competition and the cost is similar.

I have not had an accident or traffic violation. My only claim was for windshield replacement because of an errant stone. I will never again purchase a new car in light of higher property taxes. Why do our rates continue to increase?

Perhaps there would be fewer accidents (which equals lower insurance rates) if too many drivers weren’t crowded onto too few roads. As it is, each day during my commute I feel as though I am involved in some demented experiment to make our lives miserable.

Janine Hillegas

Thorpe Constantine Avenue

Johns Island