We, like many others, are weary of the non-productive actions of the last several months regarding the proposed new school for Sullivan’s Island.

We do not think that the Charleston County School District should spend the money for a new school on Sullivan’s Island due to high building costs, the lack of a defined need for more elementary school space in East Cooper, and traffic and environmental impact reasons.

But in order to move forward in a positive direction, we support the option championed by Jenny Sanford and others, which calls for a school to be built on Stith Park property, with the current school site being handed back to the town.

Please give this option serious consideration.

Susie Callahan

Jerry Callahan

Middle Street

Sullivan’s Island

I support the rebuilding of the Sullivan’s Island Elementary School as presently proposed. Threatened litigation for a vote on a referendum that has no possibility of passing, and suggesting a different location for the school on the island at this late stage in the process, are nothing more than attempts to derail the rebuilding of the school.

The Charleston County School District and the Sullivan’s Island Town Council have worked diligently (also read, openly and transparently) to put the school back on Sullivan’s Island for all eligible Charleston County students.

A recent letter writer made the point that it is never too late to do things right. I agree, except when that thing has already been done right two years ago.

Let’s rebuild SIES as planned and where planned. The sooner it is done, the better.

Carl B. Hubbard

Myrtle Avenue

Sullivan’s Island