Dennis Rodman committed a serious judgment turnover in late February when he went to North Korea to befriend Kim Jong Un. But just as “The Worm” displayed remarkable persistence while leading the NBA in rebounds for seven straight seasons ending in 1998, he’s still banging the figurative boards for the dangerous dictator.

As Mr. Rodman told celebrity website TMZ last week: “At least Kim did one thing, he took the missiles back. Thank you. Took the missiles back, right?”

Yes, Kim took those missiles back from his benighted realm’s east coast about a week ago. Then again, Kim’s the one who had ordered them there in the first place a month earlier.

And in light of North Korea’s development of a nuclear arsenal over the last decade and its relentlessly bellicose rhetoric against South Korea, the United States and Japan, the Stalinist regime’s missile-technology progress is quite chilling.

The strange spectacle of Mr. Rodman buddying up to Kim did provide some limited comic relief. After all, Mr. Rodman’s weird-celebrity status has long transcended his past basketball prowess. He’s bizarre in not just appearance (lots of tattoos, body jewelry and varying hair colors) but conduct and viewpoint.

Still, his planned return to North Korea in August is no laughing matter. Mr. Rodman says he will try to convince Kim to release imprisoned Korean American Kenneth Bae, charged with trying to “topple” the North Korean government.

But while Mr. Rodman admitted, “It’s gonna be difficult,” he seems to hold Kim in higher regard than President Barack Obama. As Mr. Rodman crudely put it: “Obama can’t do [expletive deleted].”

Mr. Rodman unnecessarily added: “I’m not a diplomat.”

Considering the State Department’s current difficulties, that’s just as well.