I've read about the low turnout for the last local elections here. I also read that candidates were wondering about the high percentage of voters who did not vote.

I thought about this for a while and concluded that it is not the voters, it's the lack of purpose.

I did not vote in the primaries because I am not a Democrat or Republican. I cannot align myself with either as they do not represent my views.

Today's political forum is either this or that, there is no one else. On the Democratic side, we have a president who, from reading the editorials in The Post and Courier, everyone wishes had never run for office as he is not qualified to run a paper stand.

On the other side, we have the Republicans who are so busy destroying each other that I cannot make any sense of their platform unless bitterness and strife are it.

I have seen that there are other factions out there like the Green Party or the National Front which have about as much chance of winning a post with responsibility as Obamacare has of being repealed by Democrats. I would like to see other choices, rather than the same ol' same ol', on and on.

I am a free enterprise sort of fellow and believe that you reap what you sow. I also believe that you earn what you want.

I absolutely dislike "free lunches" or other "share the wealth" ideas. We should all work for what we want and relish the fruits of our labors.

I do not want to see voter apathy rule the polls but rather more candidates who reflect the larger spectrum of voters.

I would like to see a person run for office who will actually ask me what I think instead of repeating all the standard garbage.

If you want great voter turnout, give us some real choices to consider, and I will be all over that.

Norm Hilliard

Roselle Avenue

Goose Creek