Along with classical music, the Spoleto Festival brings celebrity, energy and passion to Charleston.

But a drop in crime?


Paris is one the most recent cities to announce that it will begin piping classical music into its commuter train stations. The reason the city gives is that “travelers appreciate the atmosphere that makes the most serene and pleasant stations.”

But there’s a contrapuntal subplot: Classical music is supposed to chase off vagrants.

Apparently they don’t like Mozart. Their loss.

So it should stand to reason that as artists perform music all around Charleston, and in North Charleston and Mount Pleasant, both inside and outside, local vagrants are going to seek quieter spaces — or spaces where music is not of the classical persuasion.

But even panhandlers who like Vivaldi and Beethoven are less likely to hang around downtown when the festival is here.

Charleston municipal judges have been known to instruct those who appear before them to disappear until the festival is over.

More reason to celebrate the Spoleto Festival.