The color of creativity

Tendergreen mustard. (Anthony Keinath/File)

Green means go and environmental prudence and money.

It means envy and inexperience and seasickness.

Now it’s confirmed that green can also be associated with innovative thinking.

Pacific Standard magazine reports that a team from the United Kingdom has studied the theory and found it valid.

The research, published in Thinking Skills and Creativity journal, revealed “significant differences” in how well people score on visual creativity.

In essence, subjects who were able to look outside the room where they were tested and see natural greenery scored better than those in a room without plants and with no way to look outside.

But that could be simply that nature is inspiring to people.

So they tested half the students who were in the room with blinds closed on green paper. They did as well as those who could look out the windows.

Ask any poet: green foliage popping out at the end of winter symbolizes new life.

And now the question is whether teachers will see green as new hope for their students.