Switzerland takes a stand


Switzerland somehow maintained neutral status despite being bordered by France, Germany, Austria and Italy as those nations battled during the two colossal conflicts that earned “World War” title status in the first half of the 20th century.

Yet now the Swiss have been provoked into an aggressive response against what authorities there regard as an intolerable incursion by German forces.

As Reuters recently reported: “Frugal pizza lovers in Switzerland have had their hopes dashed for a special rule that would have allowed them to keep ordering cheaper pizza delivery from neighboring Germany.”

Swiss officials have eliminated a longtime exception that allowed food deliveries — including pizza — into the nation without having to go through customs.

Evidently, the understandable pursuit of profit had motivated some foreign-yet-nearby businesses to offer tempting deals to Swiss customers, undermining Swiss businesses in the competitive process.

And according to Reuters: “The strong Swiss franc has prompted Swiss bargain hunters to cross the border in search of cheaper goods in neighboring Germany and France.”

Thanks to the foreign-food-delivery ban, however, cheaper pizza can no longer be delivered across the border.

Presumably, this protectionist edict won’t spark a trade war.

If it does, though, Swiss superiority in cheese, chocolate and watches could be formidable weapons in such a conflict.

But as an international center of financial commerce, Switzerland should set a better free-market example — and let its people get better pizza deals.