Keep your silk. Keep your pricey Alençon lace. All Mimoza Haska needs is 16 rolls of Charmin toilet paper, some glue, paper tape, needle and thread.

And a bride with a sense of adventure.

Mimoza Haska, a hair stylist in Surfside Beach, recently won first place and $2,000 in a national competition sponsored by Cheap Chic Weddings and Charmin. Her creation — she calls it “Beautiful Swan” — edged out “City in Bloom” and “Coastal Wave,” second and third place finishers.

Ms. Haska’s design features a high-low skirt festooned with tissue flowers, a bustier decorated with tissue lilies and a crown headpiece made from — you guessed it — tissue.

Albanian born Ms. Haska was flown to New York for the final judging.

After she was announced as the winner, she said, “I’m honored. This is wonderful. I like clothes, I like art. I always create, and I like to keep doing it and see where it takes me.” With the economy still struggling to recover, perhaps there’s a future in tissue fashion. Brides are an opportunity. Or sun hats. Or jewelry.

But even though she lives along the Grand Strand, we’d recommend against toilet tissue swimwear.