Sen. John McCain wants the U.S. to arm the rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces while the Russians continue arming Assad’s forces.

To what end?

Ninety-three thousand Syrians have been eliminated by their own countrymen through conventional warfare and, regrettably, the use of sarin gas.

The latter is Mr. Obama’s “red line” in the sand to begin sending arms to these anti-government freedom fighters.

How long will it take for us to get sucked in to yet another “conflict” in the Middle East? Billions of taxpayer dollars cavalierly thrown at the rebels will be followed by air support, miltary observers and then bulk troops on the ground, resulting in our brave servicemen and women being routinely murdered with arms supplied by the Russians.

Plus, how long will it take for the rebels to turn their U.S.-supplied weapons on us in the name of Allah? Honestly, not if, but when?

We simply do not need to intervene. Our armed forces are worn out by more than a decade of rudderless involvement in Iraq and Afganistan and the tragic loss of lives that has resulted throughout the armed forces.

Just how many of those servicemembers lost their lives, limbs, and emotional stability through U.S.-supplied armaments?

And now our whiz kids in Washington want to do it again.

At what cost?

Kevin Hildreth

Thayer Hall Drive

Mount Pleasant