Shame on slobs who trash the beach

Isle of Palms workers clean up the Memorial Day mess left behind on the beach.

I was appalled at the amount of trash that was left on the pristine beaches of the Isle of Palms Memorial Day weekend.

On May 28 at dawn, I was patrolling my section of beach for the Island Turtle Team and could not believe the trash that was left by careless people visiting our beautiful island.

Apparently, they did not have the common decency to clean up after themselves and treated this place like their personal trash dump.

Everything imaginable was left on the beach for our city employees to clean up on Tuesday morning.

It’s a good thing there were no turtles around Monday night, because they would have strangled on the copious amounts of debris left on the beach.

As much as I loathe big government, there should be stricter enforcement of our anti-littering laws — better yet, people should show a little respect and clean up after themselves.

Lewis Gregory

Island Turtle Team

29th Avenue

Isle of Palms