School funding case in limbo

The original J.V. Martin Junior High School

Amazing how quickly the State Supreme Court can act when there is a political motivation; ergo, the swift ruling regarding confusing technical requirements for state political candidates to file their statements of economic interests online, and to also provide a copy of this statement when filing their candidacy forms.

But what about the case on appeal regarding public school funding, which is still pending? The Abbeville School District vs. State of South Carolina lawsuit has been bouncing around in the courts since 1993 with various appeals, rulings, orders, remands, rulings and more appeals.

The most recent history begins with Circuit Court Judge Thomas Cooper’s ruling that the state should fund programs to satisfy the “minimally adequate” standard previously ordered by the court.

That particular 2006 court order was appealed and oral arguments were heard in 2008.

No opinion has been rendered by the state Supreme Court, so this case has been in limbo for the last four years.

By the way, I challenge anyone to enjoy following the chronology of this maze of litigation.

Wonder what the court is waiting for? For plaintiffs, attorneys, and judges to die so the case can die along with them?

For the ordinary citizen to just forget about this case because it has dragged on for a total of 19 years?

In the meantime, students go to school without adequate buildings or equipment and without funding for necessary programs. No surprise that some of our public school students lag way behind.

The inaction of our state Legislature to provide an updated and sound financial funding plan for public education as mandated in the state constitution is unacceptable.

It seems to me that the real “Corridor of Shame” in South Carolina is our state Legislature and court system because they are unable or unwilling to recognize their responsibilities.

Freida F. McDuffie Harbor Oaks Drive