To legally carry a firearm you must have a permit. I don't believe any of the gun-related crimes in South Carolina have been committed by an individual with a conceal carry permit. The law being debated is to allow people with permits to legally carry in establishments where alcohol is sold and consumed.

The criminal element pays no attention to the laws. Most violent crimes are committed by individuals with a criminal history. You cannot obtain a conceal carry permit without a background check.

I feel more secure with law-abiding citizens carrying guns.

Criminals may have second thoughts about robbing a store or restaurant not knowing if someone in the establishment is carrying a firearm and is trained as to when and how to use it.

Why do you think the city is parking police cars at convenience stores for extended periods of time?

Ask the attendants if they like to have police cars there. I have asked several and they emphatically said "yes."

As for the 1-26 issue, I say widen the interstate all the way to Asheville. The road has basically been the same for 50 years. Once the road is widened, big trucks should stay out of the left lane.

The only trees that should be cut are those that are in danger of blocking the road should they be knocked down by an ice storm or a hurricane.

I believe deer collisions occur more frequently than tree collisions. Deer are hard to spot when they are feeding near the road by wooded areas. They are much easier to see in an open area.

Some of the car vs. tree accidents are probably being caused by people dodging deer. Installing guardrails in areas that are more prone to accidents is a good suggestion.

Once all of this is done, I believe the speed limit should be raised and not lowered.

The population has increased tremendously in South Carolina over the last 50 years, yet the interstate roads are basically the same.

The interstate roads were originally designed for 70 mph speeds in cars that were not as safe and didn't handle as well as newer cars.

Charlie E. Ledford

North Edgewater Drive