I have lived in Summerville since 2011. In 1986, I was appointed by the mayor of Nashville, Tenn., to a position on the Metropolitan Airport Authority, the first woman to be so appointed.

During the six years I served, we built a new airport and rallied neighborhoods in that area to support the facility. I served as the director’s liaison with the neighbors who were most affected by the new airport.

My years as a commissioner were filled with amazing experiences, some positive, some not so positive.

I learned quickly that business brought before the authority was often highly political. Fortunately, the director of the airport and the authority chair were fair-minded and effective leaders.

We commissioners worked as a team. There were the usual skirmishes for power, but they were eventually worked out through adequate information and compromise for the good of the airport and the community.

The Sept. 5 Post and Courier article about the power grab inside the Charleston County Aviation Authority is distressing to me.

I was even more concerned when I learned of the probable unconstitutionality of Rep. Chip Limehouse’s appointment — and that he serves as chair of the authority.

Does the position of representative not provide enough activity to keep Mr. Limehouse occupied?

When I was an airport authority commissioner, I worked full-time at a demanding job. Being a member of the authority put a strain on me and my family, but I was honored to be named and available for service to Nashville.

My family is all from South Carolina and I am delighted to be back home.

However, I am sad that the behavior of so many of our elected officials shows they are more interested in money, power and prestige than in compassionate community service.

I pray that there is some action that can be taken, not only to reverse the board’s decision, but to remove Mr. Limehouse from the Aviation Authority.

Norma E. Wimberly

Jarret Road