Congress should be working to get all the illegal alien children safely returned to their home countries as soon as possible.

Instead, our representatives do nothing while the Obama administration has thousands of kids fenced in, separated by age groups and pushed - like cattle - into makeshift pens set up in empty gymnasiums and warehouses all over the country.

We are saddened and shamed by it.

Those children should be safely returned to their homes. Someone in their homeland was taking care of them before they made the long painful trek north, only to be put in a cage.

All of them must be yearning to get back home. Senators, congressmen, listen to your constituents and do what's right for the kids.

Jane Kenny

Honesty Lane


The rage we have been witnessing toward immigrant children attempting to flee to the United States is shameful.

The source of that rage is understandable, but misplaced.

Over the decades, hard-working laborers and small businesses have fallen under the fist of the greedy and ever more powerful corporations.

Small farmers, independent businesses and laborers have been given smaller and smaller pieces of the pie and then cut out completely by large corporations.

Wages stagnate while prices rise, businesses close and corporate profits continue to skyrocket. Yet our legislators continue to feed this beast, cutting regulations, increasing corporate tax breaks and subsidies, fighting against raising the minimum wage and workers' attempts to unionize; meanwhile, they tout their concern for workers and small businesses, and promise "jobs, jobs, jobs."

Until we direct our anger at those who have created this powerful and destructive system of corporate control, we will continue to be the losers.

And it will not be the fault of those who cross our borders trying to escape from even more terrible and tragic conditions.

Agnes F. Pomata, Ph.D

Foxfire Road

Wadmalaw Island

One of the biggest reasons that so many legal citizens can't find jobs is because so many illegal immigrants are holding them. That's one of the reasons they shouldn't live in the United States.

Some of our people welcome them with open arms - then the responsibility of finding where to put them falls on other people's shoulders.

If they insist on living in the United States, they should be put at the end of the line to find jobs.

Twylah M. Ricker

Boardman Road