While many people have concerns about the Affordable Care Act, the House Republicans who are holding budget approval hostage are recklessly playing chicken at our expense.

The faction that insists on making their agenda the price to keep the federal government fully operational is self-serving and hurts the rest of us.

Accusations that the Senate and the president “won’t negotiate” are intentional distractions. The ACA should not be tied to budget approval and “negotiating” sets the stage for future budget approvals to be handcuffed with issues that should be handled as legislation.

Let those who object to the ACA use the procedures in Congress to repeal or change an existing law instead of using bully tactics to get their way.

Can our elected representatives please do their job, pass a budget and stop the posturing?

M.D. Akins

Towne Street

Johns Island

Now that the Republicans have had their way, let’s get on with getting rid of them. It goes like this, “When in doubt, vote the incumbent out.” Now you’re not even in doubt.

They’re supposed to be so Christian, but they act so selfish. They’re still getting their paychecks, their health insurance, their retirement etc.

It’s time for a revolution, and that means for those who are the least of us to vote in droves, and vote them out. The numbers are there, you just have to show up at the polls next time. Get rid of them ASAP.

Again, we are not even in doubt about our representatives and their lack of care for those who matter the most, we the people.

If I could give credit to one, just one, and that’s questionable, it would be Sen. Lindsey Graham. At least he works, tries and has some brains.

Joan Hoyte

W. Liberty Meadows Drive


The government has “shut down” because of Congress’ inability to act? Yes, Obamacare will determine its own fate. We already are able to see disastrous effects. Republicans will be held responsible again for trying to be statesmen.

The Democrats’ control of the Senate allows them to continue to ramrod their way when it is obvious that the “law” in this case has destroyed any credibility they might have ever had on this issue. The way this administration has ignored the Constitution is disgusting. There cannot be a so many exclusions to certain groups and still call it law.

As for the shutdown, someone needs to realize that the Republicans have bent over backwards for a resolution. To say Congress reduces respect for the legislative branch is rubbish. The executive branch did this long ago. Forget your party affiliations and wake up.

The actual costs of this “coverage” are unbelievable. The far-reaching effects are going to be much more so.

Lewis Wade

Cottageville Highway


It was only a short time ago the president was on stage flanked by serious looking people dressed up as teachers, first responders and policemen. He told us in serious tones how our world would change after the sequester. He said that nobody would answer our “911” calls and our kids would not be educated and the world as we knew it would come to an end.

This time when we hear that the world is going to end, I suspect fewer people will listen.

We watch millions of tax dollars being spent on trips to Africa and dinners at the White House with the 1972 Superbowl winners.

We hear the media and Democrats say that Ted Cruz is ruining any chance for Republicans to win another election after he spoke out as the voice of the average fed-up American.

The president is the one who has refused to negotiate. Our taxes went up last year, and with Obamacare we will all pay more, according to the Congressional Budget Office. You can call it a tax or not.

The sequester did slow our rate of spending for the first time in years. This is a good thing. Hopefully, the freshmen in Congress will continue to do what they were elected to do — get our reckless spending under control.

So the next time you hear how the government shutdown will doom us all, don’t worry. Just go vote.

David Bourgeois

Chucker Drive