Dan Zak of The Washington Post wrote of Thursday night’s debate that only Joe Biden “acted as though he could sit at the desk in the Oval Office.” His article was published in The Post and Courier.

Did he watch the same debate that I did? I saw a very embarrassing display of rudeness, crudeness and disdain for viewpoints of world leaders.

The vice president would have blended in better on “The Jerry Springer Show” than in this serious debate about the problems facing our country.

I thought Paul Ryan showed a great deal of restraint. I would have belted Biden one after about the tenth hee-hawing interruption.

I also found myself praying for the president’s health should he be re-elected.

Joe Biden as president?

Save me!

Char Stricklin

Society Street


Following Vice President Joe Biden’s abysmal showing in Thursday night’s debate, I turned to CNN for its post-debate analysis to see how a liberal news station would fabricate a Clinton spin to cover up his blunders.

Much to my surprise they couldn’t spin it to erase his mistakes. One liberal CNN commentator even labeled Biden a buffoon. CNN said Biden interrupted Paul Ryan over 80 times. What inexcusable manners.

Even in a high school debate class, you are taught not to interrupt your opponent and most certainly not to roll your eyes, smirk and laugh at your opponent.

This was supposed to be a civil discussion, but apparently nobody told Joe.

It appears he got mixed up and thought he was on “Saturday Night Live” instead of in a serious political debate that was broadcast around the world.

Even according to CNN he seldom actually addressed the questions, but deflected them and proceeded to attack Paul Ryan. He even blamed his own administration’s intelligence community for the Libya tragedy.

Joe Biden embarrassed himself, although I don’t think he knows it, since it has become the norm for him. But far worse, he embarrassed the proud United States of America with the world watching.

It was obvious from the start that Joe Biden’s purpose was to quickly go on the offensive in an attempt to recover some of the political ground that President Obama lost in the previous debate.

Well, he accomplished that; he was very offensive to the audience who wanted to see a civil discussion about very serious issues of the economy, terrorism, foreign policy, etc.

Apparently he had no serious solutions to our country’s problems other than to laugh at his opponent’s solutions.

Four years of Obama and Biden have made this country the laughingstock of the world, and these two don’t have a clue what they’ve done, so why would anyone expect anything different if they are re-elected?

It’s time to clean house.

E. DuBose Blakeney III

Church Flats Road


Joe Biden tells me there are no cuts to Medicare.

What does he call the increase in co-payments and loss of benefits that I had?

Karin Pannaman

Pickering Lane