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Readers lament McGinley's exit

I continue to be amazed and disturbed by the elected members of the Charleston County School Board, a group that has done nothing but get in the way of progress in our public schools for the entirety of my lifetime.

It is this group, no matter who it is comprised of at any given time, that seems to bring out the worst in the collective whole whenever they are assembled to make decisions. I simply cannot understand why otherwise well-intentioned individuals continuously agree to serve and then fall into this pattern.

I invite the school board to come to 103 St. Philip Street on the fourth Tuesday of any month and observe as I have the privilege to preside over the monthly meeting of the Board of Commissioners for Charleston Water System, the chairmanship of which I have held since 2003. It is the very model of a well-run organization.

The efficiency is a testament to the fact that we have been very fortunate to assemble the right management team and wonderful staff of over 450 dedicated employees over the years and have essentially been able to set policy and stay out of their way while they do the jobs for which they have been hired.

Confidence in your team is paramount and you must find the right people and develop this belief in them to succeed. Meddling and micromanaging is no way to govern.

Thomas B. Pritchard

Pritchard Law Group, LLC

Broad Street


Not for nothing, but seldom have we found Mayors Joe Riley and Keith Summey on common ground. When it comes to the job performance, over time, of Dr. Nancy McGinley they agree: She has done a terrific job in a difficult environment.

The Charleston School Board should appreciate this rare agreement between these two mayors and take corrective action which includes rejecting McGinley's coerced resignation and returning her to the superintendency.

One questionable decision shouldn't outweigh seven years of accomplishment.

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Steve Driscoll

Folly Road


The Charleston County School Board doesn't hire superintendents to run the school system. It hires superintendents to let the school board members play superintendent. This school board is a laughingstock.

I admit the incident at the Academic Magnet High School was by no means a high point of the McGinley administration, but the strides the district made under McGinley's management were laudable in a school system that, prior to her hiring, didn't have much to brag about.

The remarks made by Elizabeth Moffly were especially telling: "The district [administration] has been insubordinate to this board, and Nancy ignores us," Moffly said. "Hopefully, that will change. If you get rid of the leader, they [in the administration] want to keep their jobs, and they will fall in line."

That's right, folks, fall in line. That's nothing less than a direct threat and an attempt to intimidate current employees. The fact that Moffly is not seeking re-election should be a great relief to any parent of a child in the system.

As for voting for the school district tax levy? Why would I trust this school board with my tax dollars? Until this school board's interest becomes educating children and not feeding their pumped-up sense of importance, I wouldn't give them one thin dime.

Stew Williams

Chisolm Road

Johns Island

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