Where have the ibis gone? Downtown Charleston used to be celebrated by the coming and going of these magnificent birds. It turns out that their roosting place on Castle Pinckney has been cleared of trees and vegetation.

Unbeknownst to many of us, the State Ports Authority (a public entity) handed over possession of the island to a private organization whose mission is to restore Castle Pinckney.

The old fort deserves saving. Yet where was the public discussion?

What about the brown pelican rookery, which recently established itself there?

This was one of only five in the whole state, and now it is destroyed. Yes, birds can move, but those options are becoming much more limited,

Now we are planning to dredge the harbor another five feet.

What effect is that going to have on our land surrounding the harbor such as Crab Bank Bird Sanctuary?

And what about Charleston itself?

Every child knows what happens to a sand castle when you dig a big hole next to it. The sand castle ends up in the hole.

Charleston’s harbor needs a comprehensive plan to protect its economic, historical and natural assets.

The public deserves to be educated and included in that discussion.

Richard Hagerty, M.D.

Calhoun Street