I refer to the June 1 article in The Post and Courier that SCE&G is after yet another rate increase. This is incredible as we were hammered with a rate hike in January of this year.

SCE&G cannot be allowed to continue hitting the consumer with price increases whenever they feel like it, which to date is 12 increases in five years. In this economic climate it is intolerable and unjustifiable.

The main culprit in allowing these increases is the Public Service Commission. It has not been given a rate increase request from SCE&G that it has not approved. Not one.

We see all the releases saying the PSC has saved us all by reducing the increase that SCE&G asked for, but it has never told SCE&G “no,” it will not approve an increase.

It would seem the PSC’s name is totally inappropriate as it is certainly not serving the public in any way by its actions over the last five years.

SCE&G has a monopoly, so the public’s only defense the public has is via the so-called Public Service Commission, an appointed body with members receiving a salary of $160,000 a year.

We the public have no say in who is picked to serve on this commission or what they should be paid, and we are certainly not getting value for money.

Our tax dollars at work?

It would seem not. Something is very wrong here and needs to be changed.

I’m sure I’m not alone in voicing these feelings. The Public Service Commission needs to be made to do its job for once and defend us from the rapacious demands of SCE&G.

The taxpayers of this state cannot be expected to bankroll SCE&G’s development projects, and should not be forced to continue living under this power monopoly.

The final straw that made me write this letter was an email I received this week from SCE&G telling me how to “save with help from SCE&G.”

I’ll refrain from using the language in this letter that spontaneously erupted on reading SCE&G’s missive.

Antony R. Hendey

Rutledge Avenue