Not so fast on I-526 completion

The James Island connector now ends at Folly Road. If built, the Mark Clark extension would continue over Folly Road into an area along Ellis Creek to new interesections at Riley Road and Riverland Road before slicing through the James Island County Park.

Melanie Balog’s July 21 column, “The best time to finish I-526,” is simply off the mark. There is no insight in the article, and I am frankly surprised that she did not see the mayoral and local politicians’ presentations to County Council as the political grandstands that they were.

Additionally, she seemed to think that Teddie Pryor “may have provided the most enlightening moment in the meeting” by asking those present from James and Johns islands if they used I-526 to get to the Lonnie Hamilton Building located within a stone’s throw of this road.

If anyone from James or Johns islands used any other route, I would seriously wonder why. Just because you drive on an existing highway does not mean it is a vote to expand it.

As for Ms. Balog’s attendance head count, well, what can be said about a head count at a meeting that was announced at the last minute and held on a workday morning?

The question of who wants and does not want this road has already been studied, counted and decided. There is no “silent majority” desiring completion, only the majority that indicated they are against extending this highway during the EIS (legal) process.

Unfortunately, our political leaders have coined this phrase after the fact, hoping that we will accept their claim without proof or quantification and will perhaps hear it enough to believe it. Sorry, not so fast.

Please remember, County Council is and has been divided on this issue and voted not to build plan G presented in the study.

The bill for $11 million about to be delivered to County Council if the SCDOT decides not to build the I-526 extension caused some council members to renege on their decision.

Will we ever be free from political manipulations by our elected officials?

S. E. Joyce

Lands End Drive