No surrender for this museum

Alyssa Murkin/Staff Michael Lussier (left), curator of the American Military Museum of Charleston, and Randi Meagher, executive director of the museum

Every uniform, sword, map and rifle displayed in Charleston’s American Military Museum has a story. They are stories of heroism, valor and strife.

The museum has its own story of strife as it has bounced from home to home and survived on less than a shoestring. Now that story is beginning a new chapter.

Forced to leave its home in the former IMAX building because of a rent increase, and on the verge of closing, the American Military Museum has survived again. It will move to 5,000 square feet of space at Citadel Mall west of the Ashley.

Mall management is hopeful that the museum will increase foot traffic. The museum gets to continue operation. That is good news.

While a mall seems an unlikely place for it, some suburban shoppers might otherwise have no contact with the museum. The location will open up a new source of visitors — and perhaps enthusiasts.

And when the military museum finds a new home (some have mentioned North Charleston near the planned Hunley museum), its new supporters will have a reason to seek it out.