Bill Murray was born and raised near Chicago. He hit the show-business big time on “Saturday Night Live” in New York. But he chooses to live, at least a lot of the time, here in Charleston.

And the co-owner of our RiverDogs has become an effective, high-profile ambassador for our increasingly popular tourist mecca.

However, he sounded very much like an overcrowded native Sunday night when he offered this description of our hardships to host Anthony Bourdain on CNN’s “Parts Unknown”:

“There’s a lot of insects, it gets really, really hot in the summer and the traffic is worse then it ever was.”

Yes, he was obviously in expert deadpan mode when he sounded those alarms.

But like many of his fellow Charleston residents, Mr. Murray apparently would prefer to stop, or at least reduce, the relentless influx of newcomers — both temporary and permanent — to these parts.

Still, Mr. Bourdain aptly hailed Charleston on his traveling show on Tuesday.

Husk head chef Sean Brock and Mr. Murray echoed that glowing — and accurate — assessment as Mr. Bourdain joined them for a meal at the establishment.

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Mr. Brock pointed out: “If you look at the history of food in America, there’s no denying that Southern food was the first true cuisine that had this foundation, and that’s important to preserve.”

Mr. Murray adds: “The standard of food here is so high that when I go around anyplace, I just go, ‘Eh.’ ”

So thanks, Mr. Murray, for pitching Charleston’s culinary charms.

But thanks, too, for warning folks about our bugs, our heat — and yes, our traffic.