I have no doubt that the 250 members of the S.C. chapter of Moms Demand Action believe they are doing the right thing and I would never question their motives. However, it is just these types of “well-meaning” people using their hearts to make decisions rather than their heads that are destroying our country.

Our Founding Fathers knew that the only way to fight back against a tyrannical government was to be armed, so they included the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting or sport. It is there because “We the People” are the militia.

Many years ago, a lot of kids were taught firearms safety in school, and there were practically no mass shootings. Now kids are being suspended from school for Marine Corps t-shirts, a “pop tart” pastry that looked like a gun and even talking about guns.

I blame parents. Violent types of entertainment are meant for adults not children. Too many parents have no idea what their kids do, watch or emulate. The moms who are members of Moms Demand Action are trying to get rid of guns, but I wonder how many have no idea what their children watch. Guns aren’t the problem; people who don’t value human life are the problem.

Moms Demand Action says they started their gun control campaign after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary. The shooter broke 40 laws while killing those 26 humans.

I cannot fathom how a rational person could believe that more laws are the answer. Only good, decent people obey laws.

Which brings up the “gun free zone” issue. Criminals and low-lifes bent on doing harm don’t care about “gun free zones.” With one exception, every mass shooting in the last 50 years has happened in a “gun free zone.” That’s because the good guys (and women) aren’t allowed to carry their guns there to protect themselves or the children.

Really, if you trust a teacher to mold and shape your children, why wouldn’t you trust that same teacher to protect them with a firearm? We protect our airplanes with scanners and bomb-sniffing dogs and guns. And yet we don’t protect our children that way? End gun free zones now before more helpless people get slaughtered.

There are only two things that could have stopped the Sandy Hook shooter that day: The first was his mother. She knew he was mentally ill, and yet she allowed him access to her weapons. If you choose to own firearms you have to know how to use and store them properly.

The other thing that could have stopped the bad guy with a gun that day would’ve been a good guy (or woman) with a gun. It’s ironic that there’s a law against that.


Johan Boulevard

Johns Island