As a Charleston County resident I would happily welcome the folks of Daniel Island into our county. There are wonderful people and businesses over there that many Charleston County residents already support, and Daniel Island is much more like the urban and suburban areas of greater Charleston than it is like the rural areas that comprise the bulk of Berkeley County.

I would make a guess that there is a large portion of the population that already works in Charleston County as well. They also have some wonderful locations that could possibly be brought under the umbrella of the Charleston County park system, making them easier for all to enjoy.

Based on geography and the fact that the community is already a part of the City of Charleston, it only makes sense that Daniel Island residents would be served better by Charleston County.

The added tax revenue could greatly help schools, roads and other projects, which in this time of economic recovery would help get the economic climate in Charleston County back to normal.

And if news reports are correct, it would lower property taxes for many residents who could spend those savings in local businesses.

Daniel Island no longer has a port moving there, but it still has a large swath of vacant land with convenient access to I-526. This was originally expected to support high-volume truck traffic to the port, but through various maneuvers the port was pushed off of the island over to North Charleston.

That piece of vacant land is central to all of Charleston County but has never been re-purposed to serve the area.

If Daniel Island joins Charleston County, that land could be used for something that the people of Charleston County sorely need — a new Charleston County landfill and recycling center.

Jerry Lahm

O’Hear Avenue

North Charleston