Asenior spokesman for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently aimed distinctly undiplomatic — and unprintable — language at a CNN reporter.

That’s what you’d expect from a schoolyard bully, asserting himself to someone much smaller than himself. But in this stunning case, it undermined the widespread assumption that CNN and the Obama administration are buddies.

Maybe Secretary Clinton’s spokesman thought he was talking to a reporter for Fox News ...

This profane dustup, if it can be called that, came about through CNN’s discovery and subsequent airing (in part) of slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens’ journal, which was found in the burned-out rubble of the U.S. Consulate in Ben-ghazi, Libya. In the journal, apparently discovered by CNN four days after the murder of Mr. Stevens and three other Americans, the ambassador recorded his concern that a jihadist attack on the consulate was in the offing, and that he himself was on an al-Qaida hit list.

That, of course, flew in the face of initial State Department and White House claims that the attack was “spontaneous” and made in response to a short video that ridiculed the Prophet Mohammed.

The FBI finally gained access to the consulate site Thursday — after a four-week delay. Let’s hope that’s not too late for the investigation to help bring the guilty parties to justice.

But also of serious public interest are answers to the following questions:

Were Amb. Stevens’ prescient concerns forwarded to Washington? If so, what steps were taken to beef up security at the consulate? Was any effort made by either the U.S. or Libyan governments to secure classified material after the sacking of the consulate?

And most intriguing of all, did the White House and/or the State Department have intelligence foreshadowing events in Benghazi and at a score of other U.S. diplomatic posts in the Muslim World on Sept. 11?