Sidi Limehouse of Johns Island has won The Post and Courier’s Golden Pen award for April for his letter to the editor “Don’t damage habitat on Capt. Sam’s.”

Mr. Limehouse’s letter cited his Johns Island background as he argued against the development of Capt. Sam’s Spit:

“Being a native reared on the Kiawah River just two miles by water from this beach, I know it better than anyone. Now 74 years old, I have visited this beach for 70 years.”

And: “I am president of the Friends of the Kiawah River. Our members are concerned about the wildlife and related aspects of the proposed development, such as the risk to a terrapin nesting site and the elimination of the bank swallows who burrow into the vertical sand to raise their young.

And: “The beach belongs to the public and to the reptiles, animals and birds that use it to feed and procreate.”

As for the interlocking concrete blocks proposed to be placed there:

“There are holes in these blocks supposedly to allow spartina to grow. As a farmer, I tell you this is very unlikely to happen. The sand in the blocks would move with the tide as it does now, preventing any spartina from getting hold.

“Even if planted, the tide would scour the sand and uproot the plants. There would be only exposed concrete, certainly a challenge for the dolphins, not to mention the people who would try to walk there.”

The letter concluded:

“The S.C. Supreme Court made the decision to protect the threatened property of KDP versus protecting the property of the public, destroying its value and the public’s right to use this property. Which is more important?”

Golden Pen winners are invited to an annual luncheon with the editorial staff.