Dr. John Glaser, who wrote about the importance of the United States remaining a magnet for talent around the world, is the winner of The Post and Courier’s latest Golden Pen for his Oct. 28 letter in which he reflected on the applications he reviews for surgical residents at the Medical University of South Carolina.

He said he wanted to share something he believed we all knew but sometimes forgot, he wrote in describing the annual process of reviewing applications from hundreds of medical students.

“I am always struck by the remarkable history some of these gifted students tell of their families and immigration,” Dr. Glaser wrote. “They come from all over the world. Some are refugees. Some have parents who left professional jobs to work two low-skill jobs here to give their children opportunities.”

Despite hardships, “These young adults, along with learning a new language and culture, have worked their way through our educational system to be competitive with the best and the brightest,” he wrote, adding that they are a “testament to hard work and dedication.”

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These students, he wrote, “will make tremendous contributions to our society,” and “We cannot close our borders to them.”

He concluded by acknowledging the country faces “difficult immigration and refugee problems,” and that he doesn’t advocate open borders. “But I do want those in authority to realize that if we block this influx of incredible talent, the talent will go elsewhere, and Americans will suffer the consequences.”

The Golden Pen is awarded monthly, and winners are invited to an annual luncheon with the newspaper’s editorial staff.