Immigration Food Plant Raids

Handcuffed workers await transportation to a processing center following a raid by U.S. immigration officials at Koch Foods Inc., plant in Morton, Miss., on Aug. 7.

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that so many people are upset about “illegal workers” at food processing plants in Mississippi?

ICE arrested more than 600 illegal workers on Aug. 7, yet no criminal charges were filed against their employers.

Some of these workers were as young as 14.

There wouldn’t be illegal workers if employers didn’t hire them. It’s odd that wealthy, profiteering employers go free while all the blame is put on people simply trying to support their families.


Sea Lavender Lane


Odds on the creek

When I was young and naive, I believed that every voice counted and the citizens of a community could bring about changes.

However, I now know government does what it wants and only makes a pretense of caring about what its citizens want or think. Gadsden Creek is a perfect example.

Despite the awareness that it has been a mistake to fill in our wetlands because they are instrumental in mitigating flooding, we are being told once again that a body of water must be filled in.

The developers are bringing out that old chestnut about the land under the creek being polluted and thus unsafe for our children. They could clean it up, but they are looking for more land.

Surely the WestEdge developers did not make a huge investment before being assured they would be able to fill in the creek.

It also struck me that the developers claimed some of the people at a recent public meeting did not live downtown.

What does that have to do with anything? I am sure many, if not most, of these people come to town on a regular basis.

The hearings are simply a cynical pretense that the public will be heard.

If I were a gambling woman, I would place odds on that creek being filled in.

It’s not the money, it’s the MONEY!


Wedgepark Road


NRA control

There will be no meaningful steps taken for gun control for one reason: the NRA’s donations to congressional reelection committees of both parties.

I would like to see newspapers across the United States report on the amount of money every candidate receives from the NRA.

Then let the voters decide who to vote for. It all boils down to one basic issue: money.


Waterlily Way


Boeing planes

Having no inside information on the subject, it would be irresponsible to assert that Boeing’s production/quality control problems are somehow related to its bias against organized labor.

A reasonable person might wonder, however, if such is the case.

In any event, the flying public should appreciate the well-documented, eminently readable stories in the Aug. 4 and Aug. 8 Post and Courier.

Indeed, the Aug. 4 story about Boeing appears to have only a single typo: Surely, Boeing did not hire people at $9 an hour to work on its software.

After all, wasn’t it a software problem that caused the two catastrophic crashes of Boeing’s 737 Max?


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Gilmore Court


Braves’ pitchers

The bullpen for the Atlanta Braves stinks.

It is time to clean it out.


Village Creek Lane

Mount Pleasant

Trump obstruction

In a July 27 Post and Courier letter to the editor, the author refers to the Robert Mueller hearing as a “dismal affair about nothing.”

In the same letter, however, he also states, “Yes, I believe Donald Trump tried to obstruct the investigation at one point, but he didn’t.”

This is a very troubling statement. Federal charges of obstruction of justice also include unsuccessful attempts.

If you attempt to obstruct an investigation, you are committing obstruction of justice under federal law. Indeed, this is the same charge, under the same circumstances, under which Richard Nixon was impeached.

If you “believe Donald Trump tried to obstruct the investigation,” you believe he’s committed an impeachable crime.

What does it say about us, that we are treating impeachable crimes as acceptable?

What does it say about our elected officials that they would do the same?


Island Walk West

Mount Pleasant

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