Citadel Mall rendering (copy)

This conceptual rendering in the West Ashley Master Plan shows how the parking lots surrounding Citadel Mall could be used in the future for housing and office buildings. Dover Kohl & Partners/provided

A thought occurred to me as I read Mikaela Porter’s Sept. 1 Post and Courier article on the West Ashley master plan.

Of all our priorities, “not being Mount Pleasant” is one that need not worry any of us.


North Edgewater Drive


Socialist programs

I have heard from friends and from some people in the media that the Democrats want to turn the United States into a socialist state, which will then evolve into a communist state like Venezuela.

Opinion: Northern Europe isn't nearly as socialist as some Dems think

I would like to point out that we already have many assets and programs that are shared by all and are paid for by all according to a person’s ability to pay. Most people call these social programs. Some call them socialist programs.

These include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public schools, road systems, the military, and police and fire departments.

What the Democrats want is “social democracy“ or “human centered capitalism,” which is capitalism with a system for better sharing the rewards of production.

Is it really fair that when production in a company goes up 200% that the CEO sees a 2,000% pay increase and he pays almost no income tax while the workers see a 5% pay increase and then pay their maximum in taxes (because they don’t have tax breaks)?

The purpose in having a larger share for the workers is that they feel more secure in their lives. They would not lose their home and have to declare bankruptcy because of a hospital visit. Workers would then have their lives judged on the “happiness index,” not the “misery index.”

The top countries on the “happiness index” are Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland, all social democracies.


Flowering Oak Way

Mount Pleasant

Seeing things clearly

Sometimes it takes an outsider, an observer from afar, to be able to see more clearly what is happening to a person, a family, a community or a nation.

Outsiders see this:

“Every time I read about a shooting in the U.S., I wonder if Americans know how the world outside works because, if they did, they would finally realize how crazy their society is. ...” — Flavio Finco, Padua, Italy

“Did the writers of your Constitution really want this? Had they seen the images of death by gun attacks on their own citizens, would they have let their Second Amendment stand?” — Frank Opolko, Montreal

Our knee-jerk response might be defensive: What do they know? They don’t live here. Just as a family with an alcoholic parent would do, put a wall up so as not to look at the dysfunction within.

We have to take a hard look at the insanity happening in this country: Young white males who feel like outsiders are taking out their frustrations on innocent Mexican-Americans, LGBTQ+ individuals, 6-year-olds, music fans, Jewish, and Muslim or African-American worshippers.

And these young white males are not coming in for mental health treatment. So offloading the problem onto the American mental health system won’t solve anything.

They have a mission to make sense of their lives, and there are more of them out there.

We have to insist that our legislators ban semiautomatic weapons, and pass universal background checks and red flag laws.


Halsey Street


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Heal or heel?

It’s been widely reported recently that leaders within the Democratic Party have said that the Supreme Court must “heal” or be restructured. I saw it again in The Wall Street Journal.

I’m puzzled that in spite of the numerous news articles, no one has corrected the spelling.

I’m sure that what Democratic leaders are saying is that the Supreme Court must “heel.”


Horncastle Place

Goose Creek

Coroner’s offices

It amazes me that we still fund the coroner’s offices in this state.

We taxpayers fund salaries for coroners, deputy coroners and administrative personnel.

Coroners call themselves investigators. If you have ever read one of their reports, however, you would realize a grade-school child could do just as good.

Why are we still funding these organizations? Why don’t we spend our tax money on a medical examiner? At least an ME would be qualified to investigate a death, not just document one.


Mimosa Street

North Charleston