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Cars, pedestrians and businesses fill the intersection of Orange Grove Road and Sam Rittenberg Boulevard at the gateway to West Ashley. Recent proposals to eliminate the merge were turned down. File/Grace Beahm Alford/Staff

Editorial: Get West Ashley 'gateway' right

Proposals to eliminate “the merge” at Old Towne Road and Sam Rittenberg Boulevard in West Ashley are outrageous.

Both designs were turned down. Returning to the drawing board, however, is not comforting because inevitable revisions will cost more. Do governmental costs ever go down?

The new design may include a roundabout. Face it, that would be a disaster.

Think about what is required: First, you merge to get into the circle. Then you merge to the inside, faster lane to get to your exit.

Then you merge again to return to the outside lane to exit.

And finally, you merge onto the road you want.

Four merges to eliminate one. Could you believe a roundabout would be faster or reduce fender benders?

What we have is the intersection of two highways. Another traffic light is all that’s needed.

Just stop the traffic on one highway and then on the other. The merge is eliminated. And the cost will be a lot lower.

Establish goals that are practical and doable, then make a decision.


West Battery Lane


Santee Cooper complaints need some context

I don’t enjoy endless and tiresome commercials promoting personal injury attorneys. The same tripe is offered in each ad, saying how you would be happier and richer if you would only take their advice when you encounter misfortune. But real life is rarely that simple.

A similar pattern has emerged in the struggle over the future of our public utility, Santee Cooper, including in the July 27 Post and Courier.

Santee Cooper will pay $15M for outside consultants requested by SC lawmakers

Letter writers rant about the V.C. Summer nuclear debacle, where certainly egregious errors were made. But they fail to recognize that Santee Cooper had only a minority interest in the project, and the construction was managed by SCANA.

They talk about waste and cutting the budget while overlooking the fact that customers enjoy some of the lowest rates in the Southeast and would continue to into the next decade even with the added cost of the nuclear debt.

The newest rage is to complain about the $2 million spent to hire two well-qualified executives asked to help turn the company around. Seemingly, they would be happier with Dominion Energy, whose CEO makes $14 million, or maybe Duke or NextEra Energy, whose CEOs have had compensation in excess of $21 million annually.

I am tired of the importunate ravings from people who have an ax to grind but don’t know or care about facts.

I suggest that we all change the channel when their mouths open.


Summerton Court


Student success

Parents must understand they are the primary indicator of their children’s success in school.

Mothers and fathers across Charleston County School District are anxiety-ridden as their children approach kindergarten.

Many are afraid of their “failing” neighborhood schools and lose sleep over whether their children will win coveted slots in our district’s lottery system for schools such as Orange Grove and Buist.

School designed to integrate downtown Charleston now grapples with a lack of diversity

Some parents are willing to endure financial hardship to enroll their children in a private school to avoid the school-choice rat race.

This shouldn’t be so.

The longest study on human development has been conducted in Britain over a 70-year period, and the findings show that parents who are engaged and interested in their children help their kids beat the odds and succeed academically.

In the study, children whose parents read to them and cared about their schooling were significantly less likely to live in poverty as adults. I encourage readers to listen to the TED Talk by Helen Pearson, who discusses the study at length.

Charleston County School District parents, your children’s success is not guaranteed just because they attend Buist or Orange Grove, or private schools like Mason Prep or Ashley Hall. Nor is their failure guaranteed if they attend a “failing” school.

You are the reason why your children will succeed and thrive. Allow your children to be rooted in the security of your love rather than the insecurity of your fear as they begin their academic journeys.


Justice Street

North Charleston

National debt

Our national debt was $22,022,541,856,518.42 as of July 26.

In just 10 weeks, Harris Teeter Supermarkets Inc. raised $1.7 million for local USO chapters.

Editorial: Fix looming debt crisis

This was done by simply rounding the total of the purchase up to the nearest dollar. By the third week, it became a habit.

If every retail purchase in the United States was rounded up to that next dollar, the national debt would be satisfied in short order.

No, I did not contribute to deficit spending and no, I do not support those who subscribe to such voodoo economics. But as an American citizen, am I not obliged to aid my country in overcoming this burden?

Current Gross Domestic Product to deficit compares at 104%, a figure that stood at about 30% during President Ronald Reagan’s tenure.

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The money borrowed to keep solvent social programs such as Medicare is now at about 76%.

The Congressional Budget Office suggested that rates could be as high as 93% in 10 years or less. I think the time to round up is now.

Perhaps the CEO of Harris Teeter would be amenable to heading up the effort. It looks like he knows what he’s doing.


Harbor Oaks Drive

James Island

Prescription drugs

I agree with the president wanting people to get prescription drugs from Canada.

I get a three-month supply of medicine from there that costs only $85, where it would cost $810 in the United States.

Opinion: An insulin caravan highlights what's wrong with American health care

Canada also can sell generics there that cannot be sold in the U.S. due to patent protections.

My brother gets his meds from Canada as well, and he pays $8,000 less for a three-month prescription.

I was told about the Canadian medicines by my urologist as he gets his from there as well.


Sapling Drive


McLeod Plantation

I read the July 8 Post and Courier letter from a visitor to McLeod Plantation who was apparently offended by the guide discussing the evils of slavery, and I couldn’t disagree more.

I, too, am blessed to be a South Carolinian for many generations and am proud of that genealogy.

We have been to the plantation many times with our visitors because we have found it to be a great experience, and our guides have always been personable, knowledgeable and great storytellers, giving us many details not found in the generally terse accounts of history books.

We are long-time residents of James Island and have great pride in this property and the management. Since this is home to me, I feel obliged to apologize to this lady for her displeasure.

Perhaps she has been away too long to really understand that our deep love for South Carolina is genuine and not blind.


Mohawk Avenue

James Island