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Letters to the Editor: Wear a mask to protect all of us

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Thomas Polkey wears a mask during a Charleston County School of the Arts graduation ceremony in the stadium of Wando High School on Saturday, June 13, 2020. Lauren Petracca/Staff

I am furious. A friend of mine is a hospitalist at MUSC. She treats people suffering from COVID-19. Each time she enters a patient’s room, she puts her life at risk. How did the coronavirus infect that patient? Quite possibly because someone was too ignorant, stubborn or “cool” to wear a face mask.

Our governor urges us to wear masks in public, but he won’t require us to cover our mouths and noses to protect those around us.

He won’t act to stop us from randomly spreading a deadly virus.

What is wrong with him? And what is wrong with people who won’t wear masks in public?

I’ve had a friend die from COVID-19. Please don’t kill my beautiful, intelligent, young physician friend. Wear a mask.


Battalion Drive


Allow voting by mail

I came of voting age in 1966 and voted in the November 1966 elections by absentee ballot. I mailed the ballot and assume it was counted and included with other legally cast ballots. I was stationed in Southeast Asia at the most forward of the B-52 bases supporting the Vietnam war. I was proud to cast my vote: I had earned the right. Now, there is a Republican effort to restrict mail-in voting.

I would like to sit down with anyone against absentee balloting and have them explain to me why. Why should anyone, including our overseas troops, be denied his or her right to vote? I want to know if they have a “perfect” argument or if they are just repeating something they heard from an unstable source.

I will wear my Vietnam Veteran cap, bring along my DD Form 214, which documents my service in a combat zone and I ask that they do the same.


Baytree Court

Mount Pleasant

A sincere ‘thank you’

I want to say “thank you” to everyone who supported me, volunteered his or her time or offered an encouraging word during my campaign for the S.C. Legislature. Your support means more than you know. Although we came up short, I’m proud of the race we ran. We exceeded everyone’s expectations, even my own.

I also want to thank everyone who voted in the primary regardless of how you voted. Participation by as many voters as possible is healthy for our community and the political process.

And I want to congratulate winning candidate Mark Smith. Mark is a good man, and I believe he’ll do an outstanding job as our state representative.

I decided to run for the state House because I wanted to make a difference for the community I love, and because I believed I had something to offer. I still believe that, and I plan to remain active and involved as a citizen, working to make our area a better place and fighting for much-needed reforms. That includes term limits for state lawmakers, which I truly believe will help improve the quality of state government and move South Carolina forward.

Again, thank you for making this such a meaningful experience.


Corn Planters Street

Daniel Island

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