Vote talling (copy)

Poll workers process bins of voting results at Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration headquarters on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. File/Gavin McIntyre/Staff

There is help for low voter turnout by increasing the opportunity to vote by mail.

The absentee process is cumbersome. I suggest we mail each registered voter a request for absentee ballot 90 days before elections.

Voters would simply mail back the request to receive an absentee ballot. This general process works well in Florida and Ohio.

This simple improvement could increase voter participation, reduce congestion at polling sites and cut election costs by reducing the number of polling sites needed. I see no adverse impact of increasing voting by mail and it could significantly improve the election process.

Now, if we could just do something about those endless election robocalls.


Senegal Court

North Charleston

Insult to injury

On Nov. 19, my wife and I were driving our normal route home to West Ashley from work in downtown Charleston.

We intended to cast our votes for a much-needed change of leadership in the city.

Editorial: Tecklenburg reelection a chance for a fresh start for Charleston

To our dismay, we were caught up in the all too frequent traffic gridlock that has overtaken this city.

The commute home took an hour and 40 minutes to travel 12.5 miles, thus thwarting our plans to vote. What used to be a 35-minute commute is now regularly an hour-plus drive.

The past four years of the current administration have yielded no improvements, and we’re not very optimistic about the next four either.


Levin Court


No on impeachment

I am not sure if a Nov. 19 letter to the editor in favor of impeachment was tongue-in-cheek or not. I suspect it was not.

The only presidential qualifications specified in the Constitution are being a natural born citizen and being at least 35.

That’s it. Donald Trump qualifies.

As far as governing the country with “wrong and unorthodox policies that harm the lives of all of us,” I am at a loss to know what those might be. Unemployment across all sectors is way down. Incomes are up. Taxes are down. The stock market continues to thrive. Illegal immigration is being reduced. Egregious incarceration policies are being changed. Conservative judges are being appointed.

The only wrong and unorthodox policies I see are in the House of Representatives. It has spent two years talking about Russian collusion and now a quid pro quo with Ukraine, which has morphed into bribery because DNC focus groups saw that as more serious.

It’s time for the House to get serious and start addressing the pressing issues facing our country. Impeachment is not one of them.


Portside Way


To testify or not

Trump directed Ukraine quid pro quo, key witness says

President Trump says he wants to testify before Congress because he did nothing wrong. Is the implication that if he chooses not to testify, it will be because he did do something wrong?


Ionsborough Street

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Mount Pleasant

Sports page salve

With all the problems in the world, I find it more compelling to turn to the sports page, or even the obituaries, despite the fact that I am a news junkie.

At the moment, the leadership in professional hockey, basketball and football is Boston-based. This will change.

We can only hope that the problems in Hong Kong and the Middle East will change for the better as we strengthen our alliances and develop more of a spirit of compromise.


North Adgers Wharf


Flooding forecast

The city is for the most part submerged. Historical tourist sites are being spoiled. The most popular tourist destinations have been washed over by the water, causing millions of dollars worth of damage.

A state of emergency has been declared and the city’s mayor said this is a “blow to the heart of the city.”

Historic flooding highlights Venice’s vulnerability

And more flooding is expected. How will the city turn back the tide and save these tourism sites and landmarks?

This description is from an article on a travel magazine website about the recent flooding in Venice, Italy. Take heed, Charleston.


Alexander Street